April and May Round up – Student Style

First of all, an apology. This post is a lot later than I had planned it to be and after getting to the end of May and still not posting it, I decided to combine my April and May round ups. I was so busy through these months with lots of university deadlines and exams, hence the silence on here, and so I didn’t do much in either month that would merit its own post so combining the two makes for a win win situation. Now, I better get into my favourites before this round up includes June as well…



Here’s the playlist. A lot of George Ezra and Calum Scott got me through deadlines the past two months because I discovered their most recent albums. Here are a few of my favourites and some others I’ve been listening to.

TV Show:



Well… where do I start? Thanks Mum and Dad for persuading me to watch this even though I was doubtful. Without giving too much of the plot away, the story focuses on Claire, a 1940s nurse, who manages to travel back to 1700s Scotland where she meets Jamie Fraser and plenty of other Highlanders. I basically watched all three seasons in just over a week during Easter – luckily season 4 is out in November! I don’t want to say more and spoil it but I am hooked and you need to watch it (heads up it’s on Amazon Prime) And I just really want to visit Scotland now.


Red Dress – Pretty Little Thing

IMG_3370 (2)

I was disappointed with PLT’s next day delivery which turned into three-day delivery, but the wait was worth it for this super cute summer dress. I don’t have many summery dresses but I really like them so any excuse to get another… and it wasn’t too expensive (student discount for the win!)

April Goal


My goal in April was to stay on top of my work because in the past I have frequently left things until the last minute. I did manage to submit a few assignments early, only by a day or so but still, I am counting that as a win. I felt a lot more organised and a bit stressed. That was either as a result of this new ‘staying on top of things’ plan or I have reached a new level of stressed where I am too calm. Either way, it worked and I kept this goal up through May (again, hence this post being a double round up.)

May Goal:

Try a new recipe once a week. Not going to lie, I failed miserably at this. I don’t think it helped that I kinda forgot about this goal, but I also just didn’t have the time to experiment with new recipes. Whoops, Goal 1 Kathie 0.

June Goal:

Take more photographs and post more often on Instagram. Seems like a quite lighthearted goal but I just bought my brother’s old camera and seeing as I have no assignments to be doing might as well have a simple, stress free goal!


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