February Round Up…Student Style

Well, February didn’t last long did it! I didn’t really notice we were in March. A shorter month, which means a slightly shorter post, with deadlines and university work to get on with, I didn’t have much time to watch/read/buy things! At least that makes my bank account happy.



Here’s a playlist I made of just a few of the songs I was listening to throughout February. I was started to get quite into listening to throwback playlists, hence some of the older songs. Also shout out to 5 Seconds of Summer who released their new single, I am a definite fan!


My scarf.


With all the cold weather we’ve been having, and lots and lots of snow my scarf has definitely been a favourite this month! I bought it a long time ago from New Look, and cannot for the life of me remember the price. It’s so warm and cosy, and was a complete saviour for me. Also it’s super cute and goes with most outfits!


Phone case.


I had been wanting a clear phone case for my phone for a while, as well as it being protective and having a cute design. I found this one on Amazon and fell in love! It was £5.99 however I had the remains of a gift card so got it slightly cheaper (winning). I think the design is gorgeous, and it is quite thick so that it protects the camera and back of the phone, and also there’s a slight lip at the front so the screen is also protected. However, it still retains the slim size of the phone. For the price I really cannot complain.

February Goal:

To stick to meal plans.

To be honest… I didn’t achieve this goal as well as January. I am hopeless at buying food to make meals and then sticking to my plans for the week. I did try though and I managed to stick to the plan on some days. I ran into problems though when what I tried to cook didn’t go to plan, so I had to cook something else instead and so ended up using my ingredients when I hadn’t planned too.

On the bright side, I did think about my food shop a lot more and I do feel slightly more organised in the kitchen… I just need some more will power to stick to it!

March Goal:

Work out every day.

Good luck to me! Anyone who knows me knows that working out is my least favourite hobby, however I want to reattempt the colour run in April… and hopefully run a bit more!

The colour run last year!

Check back at the end of March/start of April to see how I get along!



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