No Year’s Resolutions

Five…Four…Three… it’s the countdown to the start of a new year. Sooner or later someone is going to ask you what your New Year’s Resolution is. You are desperately trying to think of something to answer, at this point it doesn’t even need to be clever or witty, any generic resolution will do.

Why do these resolutions hold so much importance anyway? It’s common knowledge that most get broken by the end of January.

The history of making a resolution for the new year goes back to the Babylonian times when they made promises to the gods to do better. Nowadays we promise ourselves we will do better.

I am no expert and cannot explain the reasons why we are so terrible at keeping these promises. Maybe we feel that the pressure of making one means that we aren’t really motivated to keep it. The usual “I’ll eat healthier”, “I’ll go to the gym”, “I’ll save more money”, don’t seem to inspire people to keep on top of their goals.

And the typical new year statements claiming that “this will be my year” and “new year new me” don’t tend to ring true either.

That’s why this year I won’t be making any ‘resolutions’ to better myself. There’s no way that if I make a resolution to do something such as exercise more, or post on my blog more often, that I’ll actually stick to it. If you asked me what I’d said my 2017 resolution would be, there isn’t a chance I’d be able to tell you.

It’s something about the very word ‘resolution’ that puts me off. We have such a tradition of breaking them that it seems that that is the only reason they’re there.

Instead I’ll be making a new goal each month – something to aim for in those four weeks, rather than a typical resolution. By only having to stick to it for a month, I’m hoping it will be easier to achieve and will become a habit, rather than forgetting about it after three days.

Hopefully I will achieve these goals over the next 12 months. Or, this time next year I’ll be writing a new post saying that this method doesn’t work either, with my January goal lying forgotten in this post.

Only time will tell… see you next year 😉

My goal for January 2018

1.Practise shorthand every day



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