February Favourites… Student Style

February was a slightly shorter month but it seemed jam packed of activities. So full in fact that my February Favourites completely escaped me! So apologies that this post is 11 days late but lets just roll with it…


  • Blanket – Wilkos £1.50


Need I say anymore. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. A blanket? £1.50? You cannot be serious?! Oh but they were. It has been incredibly hard trying not to get back and buy more. No it is not the biggest blanket but it does its job well. Incredibly soft and such a cute pattern, it is one of the best bargains I have ever bought! Ask anyone who knows me and they can assure you that for about a week after I bought it or whenever anyone saw it I was heard to say “it was only £1.50 from Wilko.” But seriously….it was only ONE POUND FIFTY!

  • Paperchase postcards – 70p each


I have completely fallen for these Paperchase postcards and bought a few to stick on my noticeboard as inspiration when I need it. At only 70 pence I could justify this. I am fairly annoyed that I forgot that I can get 10% student discount but I can’t really complain as they are so cheap any way.


There were far too many songs that I was listening too this month that I loved, so I’ve made a little playlist of the few I managed to narrow it down to. 

James Blunt – I heard his new song and I went on a bit of James Blunt hype because it’s been a while since I listened to him!

The other songs I feel are just very catchy and have good upbeat tunes. 


  • A Series of Unfortunate Events.

You can watch this for free with a Netflix trial if you don’t want to pay. I loved it. As a fan of the books I felt that it stayed so true to them (unlike the film). Some parts I did find a bit odd/didn’t quite sit right but overall I was a fan. The plot twists were very good and left me wanting more. I cannot wait for season two.

I’ll be back at the end of March (hopefully on time!) with my March favourites!


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