January Favourites…Student Style

Students are notoriously poor. There is no point trying to sugar coat this fact seeing as no one sugar coats my bank statements.

I have seen many bloggers and youtubers doing ‘(insert month) favourites’ of a selection of items they have bought that month or TV shows/music/films they have recently started to love. All too many times I’ve read one and thought “oh wow, that highlighter looks amazing I should look into it” or “I need that dress!” only to see the price tag and quickly close the tab and get back to my supermarket own brand cereal as I cannot afford the luxury of Kelloggs.

But why should the financial status of students or anyone not so well off stop us from enjoying the little things in life… even if we can’t even afford to look at Topshop and have to rush past the Urban Decay stand.

Therefore welcome to my first of many affordable favourites (hence ‘student style’) I am hoping that at the end of each month I’ll be posting a compilation post of TV shows/music/films that I have got into that month, tips for student life I’ve found helpful, things I have bought that are just as good as the top-of-the-range-massively-over-priced-goods, or anything I’ve splurged on, outfits I’m loving… the list goes on.

Without any further ado…


  • ‘Central Perk’ Travel Mug £10.99 HMV

It took a lot of deliberation before I bought this (aka standing in front of it for about 2 minutes looking mournfully before I thought I might as well just get it.) I’ve wanted a travel mug for a while so I figured I might as well use some Christmas money and seeing as I am (to put it lightly) a huge Friends fan what could be better!
Its a ceramic mug with a rubber lid… so not one to fill up and put in your handbag while walking unless a coffee stained purse is the look you’re going for. But it is the ideal mug to carry on a cold day (warms those hands up nicely 😉 ) or even at home if you’re one of those who has experienced forgetting about a cup of tea until it goes cold one too many times. It will keep your tea/coffee/hot chocolate/etc nice and warm until you remember about it. Another perk (pun intended) for Friends fans is pretending you have actually visited the Central Perk coffee shop!



On Spotify I have a 20 hour long playlist called ‘Banging Tunes’. I’m always adding to it and I will listen to the most recently added constantly until I add a few more songs and the process continues.

Here are two I currently have on repeat…

  • Ed Sheeran ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Shape of You’

It has been a while Ed… luckily after a year long hiatus Ed Sheeran jumped back into the music scene with not one but two singles. These have left me longing for his album… that’s one thing my student budget will need to stretch to! Luckily both singles are on Spotify so you can stream them for free.

‘Castle on the Hill’ is one of those songs that evokes fond memories of home and is best listened to with eyes shut, headphones on and volume loud. The lyrics are just gorgeous. While it reminds you how much things can change, there are always constants in life that will stay the same no matter what.

‘Shape of You’ is another modern classic that speaks volume. The tune and lyrics are instantly catchy and seem so relate-able.


  • Walking the Americas Channel 4

This series is Levison Wood’s latest travel/adventure documentary. It follows him and his friend, Alberto Caceres, as they walk the length of Central America.

I found this 4 part series so captivating, it was hard to look away for even a second! For all those budding travellers I would recommend watching this as it is so awe-inspiring.

An amazing journey, gorgeous scenery and incredible cultures are all captured. Best of all 40D is free to watch! 😉



Check back next month for my Affordable February Favourites.




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