Starting a blog

Not too long ago I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog, I want to be a journalist so why not do some writing? However once I’d set up my blog, spent hours adding widgets and customising pages I had to face the facts.  I had writers block. As anyone who has ever attempted to write anything will know, staring at a blank page for hours trying desperately to think of something to write for the sake of writing something is infuriating!  I had so many blog post ideas in my head but no way to put them down on paper.  Then I had a brainwave, I might as well make a list of things I could write about for future posts and publish that, partly to motivate me to actually use this blog and partly to help others who might be stuck in a similar position. Here are some styles of blog posts for inspiration…

  • Lists – seeing as this is a list post it’s worth making this point 1. Take inspiration from websites such as Buzzfeed, lists on top 10 books/films/recipes and so on.
  • About you – let your readers know a little bit about you. Or instead of a post you could make an ‘about me’ page
  • News – there’s a lot of it. Just make sure if you do report the news you do your research and don’t get the ‘facts’ from Twitter.
  • Opinions – Most of us are familiar with that saying, “opinions are like assholes”, sometimes we just need to vent to get our opinion off our chest. So post that 1000 word post about how summer really is the worst month. You’re bound to find someone who agrees! (Just try to avoid arguments!)
  • Diary – For those ‘Dear Diary’ moments when you find yourself longing for the sparkly pink notebook with a heart shaped lock on that you were so proud of when you were 8!
  • Top tips – Your top tips for anything! How to get the perfect shape for your brows or surviving the first week of high school. If you have a life hack that you have to share right this minute then do it!
  • Adventures – If you’ve had an adventure then write about it! Whether it was just the exploration to find a pint of milk at 10pm when all the shops seemed to be shut or you trekked through the Amazon rainforest!
  • Advice – Remember those agony aunt columns from teen mags? You could have an agony aunt feature on your blog! Get readers to send in questions and problems and give advice or think of some problems you may have encountered and offer your advice for dealing with it (Note here to say obviously if you have a serious problem please speak to a trusted adult or professional who will be able to help).
  • Reviews – That new dress you just bought (it has pockets even your phone fits in!) Or Channel 4’s incarnation of the Great British Bake Off, (with no Mel and Sue have they just paid several million for a tent?) Or the newest blockbuster hit (no spoilers please!) you can review pretty much anything!
  • Contributory posts – Have you got a friend (real life or online) whose blog you absolutely love? Or can’t believe how amazing their style of writing or art or YouTube video etc. is? Get them to contribute a post to your blog and you will do something on theirs, chances are they feel the same about your work! Or you could collaborate on a post with them. This has the added bonus for a time when you are stuck for ideas and helps bring in new traffic to your blog!
  • Photos – Seriously if you like photography or have taken some great pics or just want to share that funny holiday snap and the story behind it, go for it!
  • Write about something you’re passionate about – This one is fairly self explanatory. If you have a passion tell your blog! I’m sure your readers will want to know!
  • Recipes – if you have a family recipe you love or a recipe you found online once that is now your go to comfort food, share! Make sure to include your own helpful hints on how to cook it easily for those who are definitely not contenders for the Great British Bake Off or Masterchef.

Obviously all of those are styles of posts, it’s up to you to decide the content 😉 I’ve offered some ideas however I’m sure you’ll come up with much better!

Happy blogging! I’m going to attempt to tick as many of these of the list as I can so stay tuned.



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