About Me


Whether you have just stumbled across my blog while desperately procrastinating that essay or have followed it for a while I feel that I should tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Katharyn (yes that spelling does make impossible to find my name on any tacky gift shop mugs/key rings/ect. In hindsight it has probably saved me a lot of money as well!) I am 19, from England and am a Journalism undergraduate student at the University of Lincoln.

As I started uni in September I will be posting my attempts to be independent and ‘adult’ whilst living away from home for the first time… I am sure you all will have plenty of laughs at my mishaps.

Anyway I am sure I’ve waffled on far too much so I hope you enjoy my blog, please check back and follow my instagram and twitter to make sure you get updates on when I’ve posted.  And like/comment to let me know if you like my posts (or not, constructive criticism is always welcomed)